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COFORWA seeks a sound environment that ensures basic conditions for harmonious and lasting health.

Our mission is to promote increased access to WASH and renewable energy as well as their sustainable management while improving the livelihood and life skills knowledge in vulnerable communities in Rwanda.

‘Compagnons Fontainiers du Rwanda’ (COFORWA) is a national non-government organization with 50 years of practical grassroots-based experience in water supply, sanitation, and hygiene, Education and community development across Rwanda.

COFORWA was created in 1972 under the name l'Eau Aménagement-Assainissement (l'EAA | the Water Development-Sanitation). Until 1976, the organization worked to supply potable water with gravity pumps within the NYAKABANDA community, where the original l'EAA office was located. From 1977 on, the organization started to expand their scope of work outside of NYAKABANDA, to all corners of Rwanda. In 1980, l'EAA had all the necessary financing and was able to finalize all the projects it had started.

In 1982, l'EAA became a non-profit organization and approved under the ministerial order 666/07 on September 27, 1982. This new organization took the name COFORWA. Then, COFORWA has had their main office in KIBANGU Sector, MUHANGA District in Southern Province, Rwanda. COFORWA also has an office in the SHYOGWE Sector in the same District.


  • Internal regulations
  • Manuel de procedures administratif et financier de COFORWA
  • COFORWA Child-protection policy
  • COFORWA anti-corruption policy